Matter - Something is made of or something important or a problem.

When we first began publishing this blog, I expressed that this is my first Editor-In-Chief's position. I wanted to be transparent and honest about my nervousness in taking on such a big responsibility. This blog is an off shoot of the nonprofit Leadership and Arts Coalition. I was hesitant because I honestly didn't think I would have anything to write about that anyone would want to read.

However, I accepted and I have written a couple of columns. This post is truly coming from a place of tired and frustrated with a side order of fed up. I am tired of black folk weeping on television. I am tired of seeing the same faces who provide the legal counseling and spokespersons for the families. By the way, we can have a conversation about that as well. I am tired of hearing the right wing conservative "news" vilify the deceased and make false claims about the Black Lives Matter organization and others fighting for social justice. Same playbook, different eras. I get tired of the "whataboutisms" of black on black crime and "All Lives Matter" rebuttals. My favorite refrain is, there are only a few bad apples. The police is mostly comprised of decent individuals who joined the force to protect and serve. Okay, so police brutality and sexual assault are the top cases against the police. Add to the list, excessive force, illegal firing of a weapon, and others and you have to ask what do the good cops do.

I want to truly address systemic racism that is embedded in the institutions of this country since its inception. We can talk about #45, or groups called the Buggaloo or Proud Boys as racist. We can boycott the NFL for being racist and blackballing Kapernick. But let's really talk about institutions such as the police and its unions, housing, banking, education, employment and healthcare. Let's have a true diatribe about policies and laws that has continued to treat Black and Brown folk unfairly in this country. Exposing the Karen's who call people niggers or make unwarranted 911 calls on black folk is not enough. Nor does it go far enough to eradicate white supremacy. Aunt Jemima's branding should have stopped years ago. Black folk should have never bought a brand with that image on the bottle. Racism is a disease that needs to be wiped out and not treated with Executive Order band-aids and television shows being cancelled.

Black lives have been haunted, enslaved, tortured, raped and hated since landing on these shores in 1619. Genocide was committed against the indigenous people and their land was stolen. Chattel slavery of Black lives gave America her riches she proudly celebrates today. Black Lives truly stop mattering in 1863. The last thing I am truly tired of is educating folk on Black lives and our history in this country. Our true beginnings here and around the globe. From the beginnings of civilization in Africa to the Presidency of the United States of America. Black Lives Matter today, tomorrow and always.

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