• Alec Rodriguez


Happiness like a summer day, rise early, let's run and play

Through the Meadows, split between the trees, birds and the bees 

Words don't hurt, they just cut and we bleed 

But why listen to words out of fear 

Attempts at understanding how emotions turn to tears 

Through experience, surroundings are bound to 

Provide key lessons that we may amount to 

Ranges and scopes, often have found who 

Made their decision, they dove into a soundpool 

Surrounded by whatever is the most incidental

In time learn to remember the systems 

Recognize the symptoms, monitor what you're stepping into 

Gotta think hard, nothing's really simple 

Over there, these words fall on deaf ears 

The other side, where they replicate our years 

But also, men who live in their fears  

As she, wastes another year, filled another pool with tears 

That mother lost two children, talk about fulfilled fears 

Every time he ever stepped, Every time he would forget 

Lost in the sauce, how he lost no respect 

Facing what was next, he remembered his breath


1, 2 & a pop from his neck 

His phone vibrated, no time for that 

As he sees the vest for his chest 

His head to the door

four they won't hit his neck 

Asking him questions like he learned to come correct

Learned by myself, confident missteps 

Focus on whats Next can't focus on regrets

On the latest journey with the newest way to step 

A path, a dance, up a spiral of stairs 

The newest way to ask if they really care 

Ascend, rise, learn the when's and where's 

Now comprehending, they don't know what's there 

& Whatever caused tears, understand have no fears

It can all make you better, everything is so unclear 

With the knowledge that present itself come to learn your fears 

Presentation is everything, keep your faith high, believe in the powerful 

Many ways to find yourself, ask how are you 

A lotta rules, broken rules, solitude, solitude

lessons learned are better never taught, is that logical? 

-Alec Rodriguez


(202) 802-6975

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