What's In Your Neighborhood?

Recently, I began taking pictures of signs in my neighbor's yards or posted in their windows. One particular sign kept speaking to me whenever I would walk my two-year old niece around the neighborhood. I rarely go out except to the store. Honestly, I mostly hangout with my energetic I am not afraid of anything two-year old niece. Miss Erin is the only person that can get me to wonder outside. Yes, we both adorn our masks even though we are just exploring the neighborhood. Okay, enough about the sweetest little girl on the planet back to these images.

This sign which is located across the street at a neighbor's house help to ignite this column. What really caught my eye is that the neighbors allowed individuals to sign the banner. When I first saw the banner, there weren't any signatures. A few weeks later, the banner was filled gratitude and I felt a little glimmer of hope for humanity. Meanwhile, during my Twitter escapades I see Karen's having conniptions about wearing masks to protect themselves and others from a deadly virus. We are currently knee deep in a pandemic.

I only took a few pictures on my block and on a couple of adjacent streets. There are other signs throughout the neighborhood. What I found most interesting was the amount of new Black Lives Matter signs that were posted since the protests. Gentrification has changed the neighborhood significantly over the past 8 years. Besides your average political signs, I have seen more signs springing up in yards, and on street lights about Justice, Peace, Unity and Black Lives Matter. We are not perfect here in my neighborhood, but as the legendary Biz Markie once said, "it feels good to see people up on it". It really does. So, what's in your neighborhood?

If you want to join Leadership and Arts Coalition in sharing your signs, please share your photos on Instagram or Twitter tag us with the hashtag #whatsinyourneighborhood and we will share your post. Perhaps, we can spread a little love here and around the world with images of signs. A picture is worth a thousand words.

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